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Our services  for residential siding, decks, fences, and roofs.  What ever your needs are, Red Line Pressure Washing will be happy to give you a quote and make sure you are a satisifed customer.  Here are some of our pricing guides to give you an idea of what our estimate will be depending on your needs.  Ask for your free quote today!

  • House Wash

    What is “Soft Wash” House Washing?

    Twenty years ago, Sodium Hypochlorite and water was combined with surfactants, algaecides and residual inhibitors into the first soft washing solution. It was sprayed directly from an agricultural style tank sprayer to remove algae, mildew, bacteria and other organic stains from building roofs and exteriors.

    Soft Washing revolutionized the roof and exterior cleaning industry by allowing more carefully metered chemical solutions to be applied to building surfaces for the benefit of cleaning that surface chemically without pressure. Because of that, in the last two decades, soft washing has become the most important change to the mobile exterior cleaning industry, since the downstream injector.

  • Roof Wash

    “Soft Wash” Roof Cleaning

    HOA Letters, City Violations, Or just a dirty roof? Sometimes you may wonder what those black streaks on your roof are from. It is a type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma that feeds on the crushed limestone used in tile roofs and asphalt shingles. It is a type of algae that thrives in humid and warm climates. Rain then spreads the algae down the roof causing the black streaks. The black streaks are very likely to harbor a number of molds or fungi. Fungi normally begin their life cycle as an airborne spore that settles on roofs, especially the asphalt shingle ones. The spores on the northern exposure of the roof stand a better chance of survival because that portion of the roof is the last part to dry after a rain or morning dew. This raises the humidity on the surface of the shingle or tile, thus creating a perfect feeding and breeding ground for molds or fungi. Roofs are commonly replaced due to their appearance. If your roof has black stains, dirt, leaves, mold and mildew, Redline Pressure Washing can clean it with our unique Soft Wash Roof Cleaning.

    What is Softwash, You Ask?? Soft Wash Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing are two very separate techniques with very distinct equipment. Pressure Washing a roof takes years off the roof life and voids warranties. Redline Pressure Washing has the most up to date Soft Wash Roof Cleaning system coupled with the correct cleaning agents. In fact, the correct chemical usage is the main facet in cleaning a roof properly. Pressure from the unit in the Soft Wash Cleaning System has very little to do with the end result. A Soft Wash System only delivers about 60 P.S.I, as much as a household garden hose. Most importantly, our cleaning method has been used for many years and has been proven safe and effective for, cleaning tiles, shingles and metal roofs. It could prolong the life of you roof while saving you money. Sometimes choosing a company to clean your roof can be stressful and confusing. I am always willing to take the time to answer any questions you might have to help you understand the process fully. Redline Pressure Washing is licensed, bonded, and insured putting your mind at ease.

    As a growing business, I strive at being the best at what I do and ensure exceptional customer service. Many people spend countless hours and money repairing, upgrading and cleaning their home all year only to overlook one of the most important and visible areas of your home, your roof. When choosing Redline Pressure Washing for your roof cleaning, you are not only improving the looks of your roof, you are preserving the life of your roof, saving you from thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been prevented.

  • Pressure Washing

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  • Decks

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  • Fences

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